PR + Crisis Communications

Public Relations

Public relations means sharing information about your organization – accurately and promptly – to audiences who care. An effective PR strategy can help set you apart in a crowded field by ensuring successful interaction with key audiences. Our typical PR work involves:

Good PR doesn’t just happen – it takes time, focus and persistence. Pivot helps organizations to build a PR strategy for their organization, then sustain and build upon it.

Crisis Communications

Pivot can help you prepare for and manage crisis situations as they arise – and they will arise, no matter what business you are in. Being unprepared for an emergency forces you to reactively manage the stakeholders your organization must communicate with, distracting you from actually managing the crisis at hand. Our typical crisis communications work includes:

In our work with senior living communities, we support communication with residents, families, staff and other key stakeholders, who need accurate, timely information during a crisis. We understand the communication types, frequency and delivery methods needed to assure your stakeholders that you are managing the issue well.

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