Thank You Pages for Senior Living and Why They Matter

Thank You Pages for Senior Living and Why They Matter

Chances are, your parents taught you to say “please” and “thank you” fairly early on. Those words aren’t just good manners; they’re essential to our social interactions. You may not think of a website as a social interaction, but it’s often your first point of communication with potential residents. And since moving to senior living is such a personal, emotional decision, saying “thank you” is absolutely essential for senior living operators. Thank you pages are about more than just saying thanks, though. They are a critical step in a good inbound process, where you engage visitors to become customers.

Anatomy of senior living thank you pages

When a visitor becomes a lead by filling out a form on a landing page, they should be redirected to a dedicated page designed to guide them deeper into the buyer’s journey. Effective thank you pages looks like this:

  1. A short message that thanks the lead, delivers promised content and sets expectations about what will happen next
  2. Your site’s navigation
  3. Additional related content that moves leads further into the buyer’s journey
  4. Social links

Content and expectations

This short message is just as important as the words “thank you.” Don’t just say “We’ll be in touch soon.” Tell your lead exactly what to expect and when to expect it. For example: “We will email you in 2-3 business days.”

Navigation menu

On the landing page, you removed as many distractions as possible to keep prospects focused on the form. Reintroducing the site’s navigation invites your lead further into the buyer’s journey, and they go from exploring their options for a senior living community to wanting specific information about your community.

Social links

Inviting your lead to share your website on social media platforms increases your brand presence with just a click!

Additional content or offers

Providing your lead — a family member, senior or concerned caregiver — with even more valuable content will reinforce your senior living community’s unique value. Inform them with blog posts or FAQs. Entice them with floor plans and photos of your community’s amazing pool, salon or lifestyle calendar. Feature one of your most unique events

As the heart of your marketing, your website is where older adults, families, caregivers and others will go first to learn more about you — before they visit. And with an effective thank you page, they’ll know how much they mean to you before they even step through your doors!

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