Outsourcing Your Content Creation? Choose the Right Partner.

Outsourcing Your Content Creation? Choose the Right Partner.

Every community has a story, and telling yours in a way that’s digestible and intriguing is essential to differentiating yourself from the competition and highlighting your key selling points. As a senior living operator, you know your community’s story better than anyone else. But you’re not a writer — yes, it’s okay to admit. This means you probably don’t know how to craft compelling headlines, heartwarming stories and appropriate calls to action that transform content from a mere description to a lead-generation tool.

As such, it’s more than likely that you will need to outsource your content creation to someone who is a writer. However, not all writers are created equal. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a partner to drive your content creation forward:

They should understand your industry.

Freelance copywriters and content teams at generalist PR agencies may be able to write well, but that doesn’t mean they understand senior living. By working with a niche agency that specializes in senior living, you’ll spend less time explaining and more time executing. A niche agency will understand the nuances between a full-on memory care assisted living community compared to one that houses a memory care wing. They’ll also understand the importance of reaching all your audiences, be it a senior looking for themselves or adult children in search of care for a parent. This will lead to strategic content that aligns with your marketing and sales goals.

They should have experience.

When you’re first looking for a partner, check their website for testimonials and information about past clients. See what other communities they’ve worked for to learn if their experience fits your needs. Then, ask for hard numbers. This will give you a better understanding of how they helped other clients meet their marketing goals. How many leads did they drive to their customers? Did their content increase web traffic or newsletter open rates by a certain percentage? If they can’t answer these questions or haven’t tracked this data, run away fast. You don’t want to waste money on content creation that doesn’t drive results.

They should help you develop a strategy.

Your partner shouldn’t understand only you and your industry; they should understand the bigger picture and help you adjust your content strategy as your business and goals change. If your community is in the pre-opening phase, your content needs and overall marketing strategy will be very different from a community at full capacity. An experienced partner should bring up strategy early on and take initiative to adjust the strategy as needed.

Pivot works exclusively with senior living operators, which means we know how to effectively tell your community’s unique story. We’re also know what it takes to get you found online and can help you create powerful blogs and SEO-optimized websites designed to attract leads in today’s increasingly digital age. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your content creation needs.

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