Memo to Senior Living Operators: Your Residents are Your Best Marketers

Memo to senior living operators: your residents are your best marketers

If you’re looking for a powerful salesperson who effortlessly instills trust and reliably converts leads, try the dining room. Your residents can be the most effective advocates for your community in many ways. Since they’ve already settled in, they’re what we’d call experts when it comes to life at your community. They know the routine, the activities, the staff, the neighbors. Hey, they might even have a menu item named after them.

Reading that last paragraph, a few faces might have popped into your head. After all, you know your residents and probably have an idea of who we’re describing here. With them in mind, consider these methods for engaging their enthusiasm to grow your community:

Find residents who align with your brand

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best marketing techniques out there, so it’s important to know the passionate people already in your community who can be great brand ambassadors. These are the folks who really embody what life is like at your community. Whether it’s through maintaining a schedule so packed you don’t know how they find time for visitors or just always having something great to say about the staff that makes your community memorable, these residents have a lasting impact on anyone they meet.

Share their stories

Your residents’ testimonials are meaningful, and your leads love to hear them. When it comes to capturing the experience of these resident brand ambassadors, don’t be afraid to put them front and center on your platforms—social media, video, blogs and anything else that comes to mind. Sharing these passionate stories helps your future residents imagine themselves living in your community, experiencing the same active lifestyle. Since these are authentic takes on your community, seniors and their loved ones also enjoy a sense of safety and familiarity knowing who their friends might be once they move in.

Involve them in tours

If you’re only using a demo apartment for tours, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Your brand ambassadors who keep a tidy residence can be a great resource for showing visitors the real potential your residences have to offer. Coordinate visits with your chosen residents’ schedules so you can invite people to see their apartments and meet the friendliest neighbors in the community. Schedule a lunch or dinner after your tour with more community advocates to reinforce the inviting atmosphere and give prospects an opportunity to ask in-depth questions about the community—you know you can trust your ambassadors to speak truthfully and positively.

Encourage them to invite a friend

Referral programs don’t just benefit your census, they reward your residents. By incentivizing your community to invite their friends and loved ones to join them in senior living paradise, you’re not only growing your community, but you’re helping your residents bring their loved ones closer to them. And, if their friends are anything like them, they’ll also be thrilled to live in your community and take advantage of the great lifestyle and wellness programs you offer. Future brand ambassadors are out there, and your residents are the key to building that positive environment.

After working with senior living communities for more than 20 years, we love helping our clients foster enriching lifestyles that inspire every resident to be a brand ambassador. Learn more about how to get your residents’ experience at the forefront of your marketing strategy or give us a call at (303) 499-9291 to talk about how to start assembling your team of advocates.

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