How Senior Living Communities Dealing With COVID-19 Can Sell Remotely

How Senior Living Communities Dealing With COVID-19 Can Sell Remotely

As the global COVID-19 outbreak continues, many senior living communities are coming to the same realization: they have no choice but to adapt their traditional sales models to the limits of social distancing.

Without tours and events to promote your community, it’s become necessary to look for alternative ways to nurture leads while managing prospects with immediate need-based moves. Adopting a whole new set of sales tools may seem daunting, but there’s good news: becoming adept at more virtually, digitally focused techniques can help support your sales efforts even after this crisis has passed.

First, it’s important to note that you already have great sales resources at your fingertips — it’s just a matter of recognizing and employing them to their full potential. Whether it’s email marketing, phone calls or social media, you need to use any way you can to get the word out about changes to your current sales process, and let leads know how they can keep engaging with you. Try offering different options for leads to “tour” the community remotely, like digital sales decks, high quality videos or “live tours” shot with your smartphone.

Another idea is to broadcast streaming “open houses” via Facebook Live or a different streaming service connected to your community website. These virtual events might include live informational sessions, tours and Q&As, all without leads even stepping through your doors. By creating an experience in real time, you get to engage authentically with multiple leads at the same time.

You can also take advantage of this time to build a connection between leads and residents. Remember, your current residents and their family members are potentially your best sales tools, so consider arranging phone calls for prospects to talk to the people who bring the community to life: your residents.

And of course, it’s critical to keep sharing what’s happening within your community’s walls; you want people to hear all about how your team is working to rise above these challenging times. Now more than ever, it’s a good idea to post to your blog, do some email marketing, utilize your social media tools and reach out to the local newspapers. By spotlighting your residents and the attentive staff who care for them, you are really showcasing the heart and soul of your community.

Just like you, Pivot Communication is adjusting to this “new normal,” and we want to help you adapt, too. It’s important to remember that, even in these tough times, seniors and families still need help to plan for the next phase of their lives, and those moving in will have immediate needs to address. If you’re looking for help refining your sales tools to meet this new reality, we’re happy to help.

If you’re wondering how to adjust your selling strategy for the current moment, Pivot is here for you, whether it’s coming up with new ideas for generating leads, thinking of creative calls to action or facilitating a brand awareness campaign. Contact us online or call us at (303) 499-9291.

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