Senior Living Residents and the Power of Zoom

Senior Living Residents and the Power of Zoom

Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and other video conference systems have burst on the scene to help businesses worldwide stay connected while stay-at-home orders proliferate. But these tools have also been helpful in keeping residents and families engaged on senior living campuses.

In two good examples, both in Boulder, Colorado, communities are using video conferencing tools to interview, record and share interviews with residents. In both cases, the videos are being shared with residents in the community and then posted for families and others. Not only do these videos shed a light on the fascinating folks who live in these communities, but as residents get to know more of their neighbors’ backstories, it becomes a way to build community within these large campuses while staying socially distant.

Golden West

At Golden West Senior Living, an assisted living and independent living campus, we worked to help them record, edit and post videos for a series called “Reel People.” In the following conversation, a resident explains how today’s pandemic harkens back to her youth in Europe.


At Frasier, a lovely life plan community, Executive Director Tim Johnson is conducting weekly, relaxed, in-depth conversations with residents from various professional backgrounds, including former physicians, professors and others who offer an informed perspective on the times we live in.

Have you seen good examples of authentic use of video tools to capture and share resident stories? Let us know.

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